Thursday, February 16, 2012

"what is heaven like?"

this is what i heard from a young lady with terminal cancer say, as i knelt beside her bedside yesterday afternoon.  i couldn't help but allow the tears, spill over the edges of my eyelids, onto her little baby that i was cuddling.  

you may remember me writing about a few months ago.  {click HERE to read her story.}

recently, we found Lupita to be suffering a lot from the pain, and not getting the proper treatment and care, from her very dysfunctional family.  the last few weeks has found her in and out of the hospital and clinics, but now with a recommendation from the doctor, is home for her last days.  she had told us months ago that she wasn't afraid to die, only worried for her children.  yet, every day that goes by, with the reality of death so real, fear seemed to set in, not allowing her to rest.  

yesterday, Amanda and i stopped by for our daily visit and prayer for Lupita.  we brought her a cd player with four worship disks to listen to.  we talked to her about her pain.  we cried and prayed. we talked about her niños, and the funny things they do and say.  we laughed.  we read psalms and prayed over her.  we cried.  

and then the most beautiful thing happened.  she started crying and asked, "where will i go?"  she told us she was afraid to die.  Amanda was able to pray with her and ask Jesus to live in her heart and be her Savior.  

when we were done praying, she opened her eyes and asked, "what is heaven like?"  Amanda started describing things like;
peace. no more pain. love. no more suffering. new bodies. complete happiness. that there will be niños there, lots of niños. and it will be complete light. and forever with Jesus. 

i whispered, 
"tell her there will be streets of gold!"  
she got a big smile on her face and said, 
"will i be able to walk?"
"not only walk, but run, jump, and dance Lupita."

pray for this dear sweet lady, as she suffers.  pray for peace, hope, and love, to reign supreme in her home.  pray for the pain.  pray for her six babies that are going to be left behind.  pray for her dysfunctional family.  pray that Jesus name would be ultimately glorified! 

that's the power of Jesus, lovies!  it's never to late.


Kerrie said...

oh how sad. Those babies. I'm so glad you two were able to be there and share about Jesus with her. What comfort. I will be praying for her kids.

Tiana said...

thank you. spreading the love of jesus christ is so important. you are such a light :)

they'll be in my prayers
tiana of l'esthetique

LiAnn Bressler said...

I will be praying!