Friday, February 17, 2012


dear little family in {Durango}
thank you for the sweet, 
out pouring of love, 
and thankfulness,
you showed us, 
by baking us a cake last week.
the thought still brings me warm fuzzy feelings.

dear amanda,
(aka: mama chicken foot)
thank you for being my bestie, here in mexico.
thank you for your heart of compassion,
and teaching me what it means,
 to truly pour yourself out, 
to a needy community.
oh and for the tea, advil, and pepto, last night!
you pretty much rock!

dear ninos of Lupita,
know that there are many people praying for you.
your mama is going to heaven.
but that doesn't mean you will be alone.
amanda and i, and so many others will never forget you.
you are now, a permanent part of our lives.
we hope you feel our love,
but most of all, we hope to show you the love Jesus has for you.
and that you will come to know Him,
and see your mama again!

dear diana,
thank you for being mis gemela, mexicana.
the way you struggle through conversations with me,
in your broken english,
and my broken spanish,
is beautiful, just like you.
podemos ser amigas para siempre?

dear spanish church family,
thank you for giving me an opportunity,
to be apart of a community.
thank you for allowing me to play my violin in spanish worship.
thank you for showing me how to really "hangout".
todos ustedes son SHIDOS!

dear Jesus,
you are so awesome!
thank you for showing yourself strong to me in the last week.
i'm sorry for when i fail you.
thank you for not ever failing me.
Jesus, i need you.  
"you are so good"---  doesn't even cut it!


Vinaly said...

So nice girl! Your most welcome to our family :D your a great loving God girl and definitively I think I and probably the rest of us can learn from you as much as you from us! :)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

This made me cry. It's amazing how much learning would take place between you and your family and friends in Mexico. And both ways. I'm sure your life has been enriched just as much as theirs.

幸敏薇 said...

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