Tuesday, February 21, 2012

love birds

meet, mom and dad chmelar.
aren't they just the cutest things you ever laid eyes on???
they've been married 27 years, 
and check out all this lovin'.

christmas photo shoot

cute things they do:
-kiss at meal times, when us kids clink our glasses
-my dad is always whistling that sexy whistle (yeah... you know what i'm talkin' about!) to my mom, but tries to disguise it in other songs.  {amazing grace...  wooo wOOOooo.... how sweet the sound}
-taking ballroom dancing classes.
-are super PDA!  (public displays of affection)
-plan adorable little dates.
-the way they call each other bunny and bear.

i guess over the last few days, i've been thinking a lot about my life.
what i am doing and why.
the passions i have in my heart, and how they were cultivated.
of course Jesus put them there but, He used my parents in a big way to form who i am.

they taught me many things:
to work hard.
in order to have friends, i have to show my self friendly.
that a good name, is a good thing.
to look in peoples eyes, when spoken to and shake with a firm hand.
always to look after the underdog.
and much more.

but the biggest thing they taught me, was how to love.
thy did this by how they loved each other.

::  ::  ::

the way my dad loves my mom is super incredible.
how he works so hard to provide.
at times working three jobs.
the way he serves not only my mom but my grandpa.
he takes care of his father in law, like no son in law ever would.
(like i said in yesterdays POST, my grandpa lives with us)
the way my dad forgives and
is in constant pursuit of mom,
shows and makes lasting imprints of love on my heart.

the way my mom never talks bad about my dad,
but always lifting him up to us kids and in public.
i love listening to her talk about how incredible he is.
it shows me the respect she has for my dad.
the way she serves my dad in big ways like,
coming alongside him, to help provide for our family.
taking on little BIG cleaning jobs and involve us kids,
making it a joint, family mission.
or in small ways like serving him first at meal times.
always making our home a haven.
a place of rest.

::  ::  ::

my parents aren't perfect.
but they taught me how to love.
that Chmelar's CAN.
and to Never give up.

so i guess this is a little tribute to you mom and dad.
{i love you}


Vinaly said...

Soooooo nice! You should meet my parent the walk the same road! 27 years married and they look like boyfriends jejeje I lived with them for 18 years and i never saw them fight, angry with each other or talk bad about each other not even once! :D

Sarah Grace said...

:) i love your mom and dad!!! love you too...

Adria said...

Sounds like you have amazing parents! And they ARE adorable ;)