Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feliz Dia del Amor y Amistad

Saturday morning found Amanda and i, busily decorating every square inch of the kitchen at the ranch.
it went from drab colors or brown and white, to splashes of red and pink, everywhere.

you see we were having a Valentines day party, and nothing was going to be untouched.

from the pink tissue paper poofs

the strawberries in the fruit salad 

the table cloth

to the chocolates that got delivered from the states, 
everything was a touch of a little bit of love.

four beautiful older muchachas from {durango} graced us with their presence.

and then...

we let the festivities begin.

we ate lots of good food,

created our very own valentines for friends

made head bands

decorated cupcakes

and of course we licked our fingers

at the end of our afternoon together, we sat down and played a few games, and then talked a little about friendship and love and all the work that it takes to cultivate good relationships.  
but most importantly we talked about the greatest love.  


Courtney B said...

What a beautiful day with beautiful people!
Happy Valentines, Tiffany!

LiAnn Bressler said...

What a great job you did setting up for the valentines party! I love all the pictures. Happy Valentines day to you Tiffany!

Kerrie said...

That's amazing! I love the dinnerware as well! I love the whole idea. Beautiful.

Erin said...

What a wonderful gift for those girls. It's valentine stories like these that should be shared with everyone, so the world can see how little commercialization is really needed to celebrate love. Bless you for the love your brought into these girls' lives today Tiff!

TheeFireWife said...

You rock.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Everything looks just perfect! You've shared something so special with these young ones :) <3

Melissa said...

How perfect! What an amazing thing you do.

Alyx said...

Wow, that looks amazing!!! Such a fun idea.
Those cupcakes look delicious!