Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday play date love

sometimes i feel like i live in {durango}.
sometimes that feeling comes with a lot of exhaustion.
emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
mostly because of all the pain, hurt, and need we see.
more then ever, i felt that this week.

but despite all this, 
i still love the fact that i have the privilege to have relationships with these people.

as you all know...  
we tutor the niños four days a week, 
and then on Saturday...
it's play time!

here's a look at what we did Saturday.

::  ::  ::

lots and lots of artistic ability in {durango}

my silly frog with balloons, 
turned into the most sought after painting. 

next female, vincent van  gogh.
she painted about eight paintings.
every time i turned around,
 she was asking for another piece of paper.

at another table we had some serious engineers.

the niños built tall towers.

the niñas, castles.

there's nothing like chubby little hands and faces.

 just want to squeeze and kiss, every last inch of their chubbiness.

street hockey got pretty intense with the older chicas.

we play hard here in mexico.

i was literally sitting in a cloud of dust to get the pictures.

but totally worth it.

the best part has to be all the lovin'.

and those suffocating-ly, good hugs.  

if you've never spent a day in a community like this...
i highly recommend it.

but beware...  
it's highly addicting...  and you may never want to leave.
just sayin.


Nicole said...

this is amazing. your photos are seriously amazing.


Kerrie said...

yes. NEVER EVER want to leave :)

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