Wednesday, March 7, 2012

so much more

i received a voice mail, early tuesday morning,
from this cutie-pa-tutie,
who happens to be my sister grace.
it went something like this;

{hi tiff...  ok... i know that  you can't talk because it's really early your time but...  
i just wanted you to know that, i've been praying for you and... 
 i don't think you know how much i love you.  *sigh.  it's like SO much.
and...  can you imagine, if i love you this much, how much more God loves us?
that thought just overwhelms me.
so...  i just wanted to tell you, i love you, and you rock my socks off,
and i'm praying for you,  and...  i just LOVE YOU.  

dear lovelies who read my blog,
do you know how much you are loved?
you are loved infinitely more then you can  imagine.

Jesus reminded me of this, the other day,
through my sister Grace. 
 [check out her blog  here]

i love how He sends us little reminders,
through people, things, and circumstances.
how have you been reminded lately???

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

un año--- con amor

hey lovelies!
it's been a year ago sunday,
i have been calling mexico
my home.

so cheers to mexico,
and the many years ahead!

here are a few highlights,
from each month.

:: March ::
arrived to my new little casa.
made it cozy.
got settled.
ate my weight in mango's on a stick con limon y chili.
helped care for a little boy with a burnt neck.
held a orphan with spinal bifida.

:: April ::
met my durango family.
stacked twenty plus benches on a truck.
welcomed new neighbors.
prepared activities for spring camp.
ran two weeks of spring camp.
survived the cold sleeping conditions at camp.

:: May ::
took the bus from ensenada to the border for the first time.
attended my sisters bachelorette party.
walked to raise awareness for the orphans in china.
went home for two weeks.
wrestled my little sisters.

:: June ::
watched my {seester} become mrs. neesby.
gained another brother. SCORE!
got to sit in on some chmelar family style meals.
celebrated my sister aubrey's birthday.
started summer camp two thousand eleven.
learned how to stomach chili's.

:: July ::
connected for the second time with my first orphanage i worked with.
watching {the walls of jericho} each week, performed by a different orphanage, and feeling like a proud mama each time.
pulled a cactus out of a little boys leg.
held my first dance party at my house.

:: August ::
made a lot of new friends.
came to the realization that hot water is a luxery
and dirty feet are normal.
gave more of my heart to mexico, and the people in this country.

:: September ::
took a week rest.
road my first roller coaster.
visited two orphanages.
started our tutoring program.
visit from seester dear.

:: October ::
went three weeks only rinsing my hair with vinegar and backing soda.
started visiting a nursing home with my violin.
opened a library on wheels for the niños in durango
became a pinterest-holic.

:: November ::
started attending a spanish church.
became a member of the worship team.
watched my first school program by the niños in durango.
took a picture of a sixty year old lady, who just received her birth certificate.
attended a chinese circus in mexico.

:: December ::
knit a case for my laptop.
had the cutest kitten  for a day.
took the kids from durango to a christmas party complete with santa.
a flight home to be with my big beautiful famly for christmas.
photo shoots.
christmas eve, candle lit service.
buzzed my brothers heads.
taught my little sister her sevens multiplication facts.

:: January ::
ate stinky tofu and lived.
started up our tutoring programs again.
lots of planning for spring and summer camps.
hospice care.
another visit from seester dearest.
shopping at the second hand shops for the first time in mexico.

:: February ::
valentines party.
consumed really delicious mole.
made my own mole.
played at the beach with my niños from durango.
intense spiritual warfare.
made fruit pizza.

{Porque yo sé muy bien los planes que tengo para ustedes —afirma el Señor—, planes de bienestar y no de calamidad, a fin de darles un futuro y una esperanza.}

Jeremías 29:11

Thursday, March 1, 2012


dear inner princesa,
sometimes you come out
in the most random places.
please never leave me.

dear blancita,
you are beautiful.
thank you for the shopping fun
and showing me that 
your inner princesa never gets old.

dear life,
you are crazy.
but i love you,
and all the moments
within you.

dear cows,
thank you for making me
stop and enjoy.
and making me miss iowa
that much more!

dear yesterday,
you are a beautiful thought 
in my head.

dear tomorrow,
the best is yet to come.
i believe that, 
with all of my heart.