Saturday, July 21, 2012


i can't stop thinking about mexico these days:

maybe because summer camps are being held now at {rancho genesis}, the camp i worked at the last two summers.  maybe because i miss the food and i'm craving a {taco stand} right about NOW.   maybe because i miss the beautiful people that i fell in love with.  maybe it's because really my heart is mexican.  or maybe it's just because that is the corner of the world Jesus has given me a passion for.

the last few nights i have been dreaming about the ninos.  very simple dreams.  i wasn't doing anything earth moving or life shattering.  i wasn't solving world hunger or abolishing abortion.  i was just loving on the kids.  hugging them, kissing dirty little faces, holding very sick babies, and just being there.

last sunday my pastor was talking about how eternity is like a rope that goes on infinitely.  the first inch of the rope is our lives. if we are lucky that represents about 75 years.  that's nothing people.  how are we going to spend that inch of the rope? 

as i left mexico in may, my prayer was two things for this summer.  one...  that God would direct me in where i can minister here and two...  that i can spend time with my family and extended family.  it's been so exciting to see how my prayer has been answered.

in the next few weeks i want to share with you stories form this summer...

::happy trails::