Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{life} as i know it...

hola mi amigos! i have been super quite the last month and decided it was high time i show and tell what i've been up to in my absence. life has been a hubbub of excitement. getting ready for dozens of little ninos to come experience {rancho genesis 2011}.
here we are showing off our amazing skills called [how 3 girls and 1 guy can strategically fit 20+ benches on 1 truck and drive 10+ miles with 0 falling off] mad skills.
last year i met this little girl who lives a few miles further down the road past [rancho genesis]. i got the great opportunity to re-connect with her and experience love, joy, and peace in a way only a girl with a life threatening disease called {scleroderma} can offer.
her family has a beautiful ranch and each evening i got to take a ride on their horse. {love}
at [rancho genesis] you truly learn how to stop... and enjoy the tiniest of pleasures. {blowing bubbles} has to be up there on the list of tiny pleasures.
one of the first full weeks of spring camp the desert nights got as low as 38 degrees fahrenheit. a few mornings i woke up and asked amanda (another staff girl) what the HECK we were doing here. she quickly reminded me that it was all for [Jesus]. i agreed.
we quickly came up with a better sleeping arrangement that involved moving our bunks right up next to each other and makeing a sleeping bag tent to keep the body heat trapped inside. {it worked}
our team gets to visit families in communities that we work in on a weekly basis and we always get the royal treatment. here is a lady making homemade tortillas and gave us unlimited amounts to eat. {YUM}
on friday, after a team spends a week loving on these kids, they get to go into their homes, meet the other parts of their families, have a time to get to know them, share a special memory or affirm their child, give a food package, and pray for them. its so neat to see the response you get from the parents. they are so hungry to hear good reports about their children. the moms break down in tears. its amazing.
endless amounts of laughter with our lovely cooks and the other staff.
each week is a new adventure, learning opportunity, and gift. im so thankful that i get to serve {Jesus}. i do believe i will do it for the rest of my life!