Sunday, July 3, 2011


hola mi amigos. <---- that felt good. i have been quite overwhelmed [i must confess] by a combination of feeling bad that i have left you all so [high and dry] wondering if i died in the desert and my dear sweet lovey MoH [sister] telling me she is craving a good blog post from me. i am happy to inform you, have finally decided to bring all my lovely readers up to speed on my life here in mexico. {if any still exist} but the naked truth is i don't know where to start. so i'll start one story at a time.

here at {rancho genesis} we just finished up our {two} months of summer camp. so many stories, so many lovey children, are rummaging through my head. but the first little boy i want to tell you about is named [eduardo]

he was an energetic little boy full spunk, laughter, and naughtiness. but more then that he craved hugs, kisses, a simple act of just someone to play with, proper attention, or to sum it up... {love}

usually on a normal week of summer camp, we have a group of american volunteers [called amigos] come down to play with the orphans. this particular week we were amigo-less so that meant the staff of genesis got to be amigos [absolutely love]. it was now our job to not only run the programming but also be the playmates for our ninos.

i kinda really fell in love with this sweet, little, nino. [and i think im pretty safe to say he fell in love with me] some of the highlights of our week together were; eating meals and laughing at seemingly [nothing], recording videos of him singing songs and then letting him watch himself sing [one hundred times over], chasing each other around the playground, playing tag, sitting around campfires, [ahhhh] and i could go on heaps more.

the memory that stuck with me the most was friday night. we made cards the night before specifically for each nino. sharing words of affirmation, encouragement, and love. we handed them out and watched in delight as the ninos clung to each word that was written.

the next morning as i walked toward the dinning hall, the first thing i saw was my little [eduardo] running towards me, waving his card in the air, shouting "leer esto a mi" [read this to me]. of course i read it to him and at the end of the card i signed... "te quiero mucho... tiffany"

and what ensued the rest of the morning surprised me. he carried that card around saying, "te quiero mucho tippany" over and over and over. it showed me how simple life here in mexico is. it showed me how simple it is to show love. it showed me that our words are as simple as "i love you" can make all the difference in the world.