Monday, April 27, 2009

So I've been absent from my blog for a very good reason... 

I've been hanging out with a certain 'Him' lately and haven't had much extra time.

Just wanted to drop in and say hey!  *smile*

BEST friends! (wink wink)

Here is my new best friend!  (for reasons that i wont go into) but you know miss beth!

This is my jew.  Long story that i wont get into but just wanted you all to meet her.  "I love you chewy!"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The case of the missing eggs

Ok... so last night I was craving hard boiled eggs so badly, that i boiled four of them for my lunch today. After I had let them cook I cooled them down, neatly put them in the fridge, I went to bed happy knowing that I would feast on eggs the next day.

This morning i hurried around, got dressed did my hair, packed my gym bag, and ran downstairs to put my lunch bucket together. I opened the fridge and to my utter dismay the eggs where GONE! I automatically shrieked and blamed Dad seeing he was the only one who was already out of the house. Of course mom tried to reassure me that Dad wouldn't steal my eggs but in my mind he wasn't innocent until another party was proven guilty.

It may be hard to believe, I know... it seems silly, I know... but... i let it ruin my morning. I let it steal my joy. You see a lot of times we let the little things in life bother us. (At least in my case) When Chris hit a deer with my car it hardly even fazed me. Yes i was sad, but i didn't let it ruin my week. I mean Chris was alive and well and I still had all my family. Life could be worse.

Later this morning Dad text me and proved his innocents. He said a fox broke in last night and thought he was probably the culprit. ;) I was quickly convicted of my bad attitude and told him I was sorry.

So what foxes are stealing your joy today?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


...happy April Fools Day! Have fun tricking people! I know my sibs and I will. We already have things planned but will have to wait to tell you about it later. Have fun! ;)

Wordless Wednesday