Tuesday, February 7, 2012

red and pink, ruffles and hearts

 my kitchen has turned into...  {cupids little workshop}
as i mentioned {here} i am preparing a valentines day, tea, for some of the older muchachas of {durango}, next saturday.
yesterday, i worked up everything, red and pink, ruffles and hearts.  it was perfect.
i'm having this much fun already, i can't imagine what saturday will feel like.  

i grew up having tea parties with my mom and sisters.  and when i say {grew up} i mean, from the days when i used my very own, pink plastic set, with water and graham crackers, all the way up to putting on weekly teas, making real earl grey leaf tea, with scones and  biscotti just a few years ago.

i couldn't help but wonder, as i stapled dozens of little hearts together, into strings of garland, 
have these girls ever had the opportunity...

to have a tea party?
to set a table filled with elegant beautiful things?
make homemade cookies with their mom?
learn how to be a hostess?
hold a tea cup with their pinky finger out, for perfect balance?
to sip on tea and nibble cookies, laughing and talking, late into the afternoon?


so this is my goal...  
to gives these ladies an opportunity to enjoy simple beautiful things,  by showing them that it doesn't take much to make things beautiful!

here's an extra lil' something, 
just because i love you so much, 
my {seester} said i should.
props to my hypegirl.

how to: 
pom pom tissue flowers

:: gather together ten pieces of tissue or crepe paper and fold it accordion-style, making sure to press firmly, creasing with each fold.

::  wrap small gauge wire, tightly around the center of the folded paper.

 ::  cut ends of tissue paper, pointy or rounded, depending on the look you want.

::  pull gently, each piece of the tissue towards the center of the flower.  fluff and fiddle until you have found your desired look.

:: and poof, there you have it loveys ::


Nicole said...

whoa.dude. so stinkin' awesome.


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

These are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to hear how the tea party goes and how the little lovelies react to he experience <3

Mikaela said...

holllyyy cow Tiff this is awesome!!! I wanna come!! This makes me want to throw a thousand Valentine parties. Love you!