Tuesday, February 28, 2012

...somewhere between...

hello my beautiful friends!
just wanted to say never fear,
i am alive and well,
just extremely busy with life at the moment.
and i am afraid it may not slow down until next week.

this week we are preparing for a group of
medical personal to swoop in this weekend
and help put on a clinic on Saturday,
along with a kids program.

i have so many things i want to tell you,
but at the moment i am somewhere between,
building sandcastles with this little guapo,
or stuffing my face with fruit pizza
i made myself the other day.
and of course lots of stuff in between.

just wanted to stop in and say,
love you, bye.

get ready for some pretty insane
awesome-ness next week!


josue said...

Love this post, love the pictures, and can wait to the awesome-Ness!

The Chmelars said...

you are gorgeous period.end.of.story!!!!!! i love you!! smores ;)

幸敏薇 said...

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