Saturday, February 11, 2012


she is a sweet lady i met in durango.
she can't work because of her two injured hands.
she knows what it means to lack.
yet she gives out of her lack.

just 6 bags of groceries.
the bare necessities.
the most exciting item is {instant coffee}.
but it's the simple joys in life... no?

right now i am calmly typing but---  i'm doing a high jump, a few twirls, and back flips, on the inside.  cause Jesus love's me and---  we're having a {valentines party} in 03hrs.18mins.22 sec.

so i just realized that the last three post, (ok make that four) have either mentioned, or been all about the up and coming {valentines day party}, and i kinda feel like a broken record.  but as my sister says---  "can we still be friends???"  ok GOOD, cause there's more comin'!



melinda ann said...

Cant' wait to hear how the party went!

Nicole said...

i think you are the coolest person ever.

post the dang pictures dude.


lucia m said...

you are zoo sweet :)

Tiana said...

thank you so much for the super sweet comment :) it means the WORLD to me :D all of your warm words are just ringing in my head :)

great blog! the photos are truly sensational!
have a wonderful valentines day and week!

tiana of l'esthetique