Tuesday, November 8, 2011

chapter 27 volume III


this is a story that has made my heart hurt from the very beginning.

join me as I share with you only a chapter of the many in a story of one family who is hurting like so many others.

grab a Kleenex box…  you’ll need it.  I know I do.

: : : : : :

this little pink house lives Lupita, a single mom with six kids, her mom, and two uncles. one day Amanda (my missionary friend} went to visit their family and found her flat on her back in bed pale, weak and obviously very sick.  she had been hemorrhaging for six days and explained that she didn’t bleed as much if she was lying down.  the doctor had told her nothing was wrong and believed it would go away in a few days.


we were able to help financially with the bus fares, medical exams, and test that she needed and found out that the bleeding was being caused by a cancerous tumor eight centimeters in size. it was so amazing how God allowed us to become aware and were able to help with chemotherapy, radiation, and other needed doctors appointments.

in the following weeks and months it was so encouraging to visit and see her propped up reading her bible or finding her tucked into bed with one of her ninos. she always had a huge smile on her face and greeted us with a kiss on the cheek you could see her strength and hope of life.



last week Amanda went alone to the house and found her in bed like usual but something was different. she didn’t lift her head, her eyes were puffy and red, she didn’t smile, the house was dirtier then usual, and flies were the main occupants. as they began to talk Lupita shared that she had just returned from the hospital and had received the news that the cancer had spread to different parts of her body. there was a mass on her leg the size of a softball. the hospital was not going to treat her any more and sent her home with pain medicine to die.

today I had the chance to visit Lupita and she shared with us how she shared with her kids the news of her disease that was eating her body. as she spoke I saw so much fear and pain in her eyes. pain that surpassed the pain of the growing cancer that filled her body. she wasn’t afraid to die but afraid to leaving six babies under the age of twelve behind.

tears filled her eyes as she shared the response of her second to youngest little boy, the news that she was going to heaven very soon.  he told her that he didn’t want her to go to heaven.  as she got up to go to the bathroom he said {mama…  where are you going?  are you going to heaven now?}

please pray for this family as they struggle through so many fears and pain.  pray for Amanda and I as we try to come up with the words to comfort.

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