Friday, November 18, 2011



as I was talking to my slightly, epically, fantastic, seester grace on the phone tonight…  she pointed out a gigantic error in my last post.  I made my flight ten looong days later then it is suppose to be.  haha…  oops…  I did it just to keep people guessing.  NOT. 

December twelfth, my friends.  the twelfth of December is when this Midwestern girl is goin HOME.   

we talked of the things we are going to do when I get back and I can’t help but get a lil more excited with each conversation.

here’s a list of our plans thus far:

  • go Christmas caroling
  • cookie exchange
  • sleepovers every night
  • cuddling
  • sledding
  • help check trap line.  (they caught 2 bobcat this year already.)
  • non stop talking


I would love to hear where you will be spending your holidays…  and the the thrilling adventures you want to go on.

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CJ said...

We're staying put this year, but my sister and I have a running list of things we plan to do when we get together again too (shortly after the holidays). Hope you have a great time home with your family (I dont doubt you will!) :)