Friday, November 4, 2011

::photo dump::

flooded streets after a little rain…  what the what???  bad drainage system people.


sports poses…  oh ya!  thank you photos for sports equipment donations. 

IMG_2049-1  IMG_2050-1

my little store that’s around the corner from my house.  {MY store.  act like I own it or somethin.} sells the BEST corn tortillas. mm-mm- good


never can quite have enough photos of my niños chiquitos.

IMG_1930-1  IMG_1969-1

DorisMar received her birth certificate this week.  she now is able to go to school.

DSCN3268 (1)-1

cake in the nose is always nice.

IMG_2023-1  IMG_2034-1

{is that a cow in the bed of his truck?}  just another  *{movie}


who seriously gets tired of balloons???  loooove.

  IMG_1999-1  IMG_2004-1

it’s been a good week my beautiful friends.  tell me about yours.  I’d love to hear.


have a super happy weekend.  talk to you monday! 


*{movies} are what we call interesting things that we may see while we are [out-n-ab-out].  always lookin for a good movie folks.  and we see ‘em here.  we do. 



Nicole said...

i love you and your amazing blog.

the picture of the baby who can go to school is to precious for words.

love you.

lowercase letters said...

ahh! i've missed reading your blog! that little girl with the birth certificate is too cute! and i love the pic of you! :)

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I wish I had something witty or heart-warming to say about last week. But it is waaaaay too late on Sunday night for my brain to do much thinking other than absorbing all of the blog loveliness I'm pouring through currently. This week promises to be super, da-duper busy, though. :)

Take care!!

Oh...........I found a new blog and thought of you and your sister immediately. [maybe you already read it...]

You have GOT to check out her YouTube tutorial on how to tie a scarf 25 different ways. Pleeeeeease tell me you've already seen it. Plus, you have to read how it was made. No words to describe the amazingness.

Okay. See ya. :)