Monday, November 21, 2011

thankfulness {day 5}


I am thankful for all my supporters…  couldn’t love on these babies without them.


when I made the decision to move to Mexico

I remember the feelings of vulnerability.

leaving my job to move to another country

for a year or more

and depending solely on support from my family and friends

was scary to say the least.

as I sent out my first support letter

I remember thinking

who should I send this to?

what are people going to think?

will they respond? 


I have now been living in Mexico for nine months.

the support and outflow of

prayers, encouraging words, and financial support

have been overwhelming. 

{that includes all my bloggy followers}

I love all your comments

they inspire me to keep writing

and speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves.



you know what???

there are some awesome shopping

in the streets of Ensenada

and I’ve been eyeing some gifts

that I would love to purchase

for my first ever giveaway!

can I hear a shout out for that??? 


but first…

I’m waiting for my number of followers to hit fifty.

that’s only twelve people, people.

so if you are a lurker…  and not a follower…

you should really just press the blue button

and join the ranks.

you know you want to. 


1 comment:

lowercase letters said...

I love your shades! This is too sweet. I can't imagine how nerve wracking it must have been to send out that first letter requesting support... But I'll bet you never looked back:) love your blog.