Thursday, November 3, 2011

thursday quicky


hola mis amores.  hope your thursday was full of laughter.


meet Susanna and her sister.  sweet little girls who’s brother is battling {leukemia}.  they live with their dad in {durango} along with an older brother and a younger sister.  their faces are always smudged with dirt which gave them the official title of {the dirty lil’ girls}.  their hair is mattered because mom is in {Tijuana} and dad works and has no time to care for them.  they’re alone most of the time.  thankfully they have a sweet neighbor mom who showers them as often as she can.  she too has a family and limited resources.  the hospital stay will only last until may.  non of them have birth certificates and it is illegal to stay in the hospital without one.  praise Jesus he got permission to stay that long.

as I found out more information I realized that this situation is more devastating then what lay at the surface.  I learned that this family migrated north from {wahaca} and the parents speak the {wahaca} dialect and hardly any spanish.  non of them have any official documents or papers. the parents can’t remember what city the kids were born in or what their parents names are. they have no education and struggle to answer simple questions like {what is your name}.  they are poor.  they have no money.  they lack recourses.

all this makes it quite impossible to get a birth certificate for this sick boy.


Tiffany 2 (1)

I can’t even fathom not knowing my where I’m from, let alone not knowing my parents names?  this all feels so big.  how do you begin to fight this giant? 

as a ministry, we have took on this long tedious task of getting this little boy help, which starts with legal documents.  please pray for all of us. 



[these are their faces]

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