Wednesday, November 30, 2011

niños with wrinkles

have I ever shared with you
my love for little old
grandmas, and grandpas??? 
its more then a love.
it’s a passion.

have you ever done something and you know its your calling in life?  that was me when I got my certified.nurses.aid.certification in two.thousand.eight.  I worked in two different nursing homes all the way up until I moved across the fence.  I loved every blessed second of it.  yes it came with its challenges but it is totally worth it.

yesterday morning my favorite {durango} grandma came to visit our little school house, under the tree.  I immediately said hello and invited her to sit down.  I asked her if she wanted me to put her to work with some math problems.  she laughed and said that she would if she could see.

that started a ten minute conversation about i'm not sure what.  my spanish isn't all the way up to par, specially my grandma spanish {there's a difference}, but the conversation was something about, God's mercy's that she walks without falling, her dad, a ranch, her fifteen plus siblings...  yes!


i found a little {casa del abuelos} and visit it twice a month with my fiddle.  other then the ranch with the niños...  it's my happy spot!

what are your passions in life?  and what do you do to nurture those passions?



Nicole said...

ahhh!! i love that lady. her face is so perfectly grandma!


Greta said...

Hi Tiffany--you just stopped by my blog, Picnics in the Park, and I wanted to stop by yours.
This is such a sweet, sweet post.
And how wonderful that God has equipped your heart with a love for serving and simply loving the elderly.
It reminds me of my dad.
He's a pastor and ministers to many, but he really has a gift for the elderly.
We joke that all the old ladies love him.
And they do!
He just has a tenderness and respect for them that they can feel.
I love the picture of that dear lady. She looks so sweet.
Can't wait to read more about your life.
Love from,