Friday, December 2, 2011

favorite things {friday}

hola mis amigos hermosos. 

this morning, I woke up thinking of all my favorite things and wanted to share a few with you.

::green grass with sheeps::


::veggie donations::  ::well loved moccasin slippers con pajama pants::

IMG_2404   IMG_2381

::old shoe box that I turned into a treasure chest for me and loveys special treasures::

  • drawings
  • love letters
  • bus tickets 
  • smashed penny from {monterey, california aquarium}
  • hand drawn maps
  • etcetera…


::white ruffles::  ::piles of warm blankets::

IMG_2390  IMG_2395

::these two hermosas::


::asian treats from yours truly {and chocolate}::  ::my night stand reads::

IMG_2392  IMG_2397

it is truly the best time of the year. 

1 comment:

Sarah Grace said...

Love you, Tiffany! <3
And I love your blog!