Thursday, December 15, 2011

then and now

I can-not believe this was me, 3 days ago…


and this is me now...
and enjoying every meaning of the word.


as the old saying goes…
{time flies when you’re having fun}
that’s my life yo!


my flight didn’t arrive in Des Moines till 10:55 pm.
usually my dear friends Rachel and Abbi Short would come scoop me up from the airport
and we’d have a sleepover
until the next day.
then my family would come get me when the hour was more reasonable.
much debating happened the week before I got home,
and a few home peoples decided {the next day pickup} was completely unnecessary. 
so they came and picked me up the night I got home.

grace, nic, adam, and kristen made the long 2 hour treck to the airport bless their hearts.
after a few hugs {ok a lot}
I learned that the babe mobile
had an air-flow-sensory-valve-issue goin’ on
and that we would in fact, have to stay the night with our dear friends
to wait till the part shop opened to fix my car.
gotta love unexpected sleepovers.
{thank you Short family}


after a few hours of sleep,
an awesome bro in law {who woke up early to play mechanic},
and a half dozen of Casey’s donuts,
we were on our way home!


somehow the lack of sleep
and makeup,
didn’t bother any of us.
[maybe just a teeny tiny bit]


as we got closer to the little white home on the hill,
I saw a little black dot running towards the car.


I guess bethy couldn’t wait any longer.
how precious is she???


so here I am,
loving on these people
and having a marvelous time.

IMG_2548  IMG_2565

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after taking out my own comment
and other [extra] comments.
I entered number 11 into the random number generator
and came up with this fortunate winner of my first ever {giveaway}

Picture 3

congratulations to {themama23}
you are the happy owner of one {bolsa mexicana}
please email me your address

be sure to be watching for more giveaways in the future!


The Chmelars said...

how is it you ALWAYS manage to put THE worst pictures of me on here?! (theres a storm coming!!! lol) sooooo glad your home!!! g

tiff said...

ohhhh G.

you look A-mazing.

i love you.

so glad im home!

CJ said...

Aw! Im so happy for you :) Im sure you will, but I hope you enjoy every minute there!!!