Friday, December 9, 2011


today is our last hazzah for two thousand eleven.
no more tutoring.
no more visiting families in {durango}.
no more days in the office planning activities.
no more play dates at the ranch with the niños.
we are ending two thousand eleven  with a Christmas party.
and i am {S O  E X C I T E D}.
we invited niños from my first orphanage I ever worked with
the kids we tutor in {durango}.
we will all loading up in vans and buses
to go to a golf course
for golf lessons
Christmas presents.
I’m kinda really excited
and thought you would want to know what to look forward to.
::  ::  ::  ::
this is my baby Luis.
and I get to see him today.
he is a big part of why I am living in mexico today.
he was an instrument, {God} used, to show me how much I am loved by my {Father} .
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