Wednesday, December 7, 2011

feast your peepers on this

IMG_9905  IMG_9907
this will be me in just {five} days.
except it will be much colder, and my poor body will be trying to adjust to the sub degree weather in the frozen land of iowa.
but I don’t care.
im going home.

ps.  just one more follower, my dears, till I reveal the first evAr{giveawaypost}
pss. a thought from my readings in psalms this morning.  {praise Him according to His righteousness}
thats a LOT of praise folks.


Nicole said...

YO! 51 awesome followers. Get this freakin' awesome giveaway goin. So proud of you sis.

Literally to see you.


Oscar Ko said...

aww..... what a beautiful picture :P

Lisa said...

Such sweet pictures..seriously love them. I just found your blog & LOVEE it!