Wednesday, October 5, 2011

rain and other {nonsense}

hello my dear amigos. sorry about the long drawn out time away from this lil corner of the world.wide.web. but i have a problem. big {probs bobs}. when my seester (check her smashinglyamazing blog out) took the trek back across the fence into the [landofthefreeandhomeofthebrave] she took more then her share of things to take. she took my camera charger and left hers. so the story goes like this... over time your camera battery dies. without a live battery your camera worketh not. without a charger there's no way to breath the breath of life {chi as SOMEONE says} back into it. with all that mess i just wrote about... you have-eth not any inspiration. i really believe photography is what inspires me to write so without it im lost!

*here's a photo from earlier days. {yonki} i think thats what they call junkyards.

it looked like it could rain all day. i got so excited my whole out look on what could have been a very long day changed. a bunch of us staff were working at the ranch preparing for our weekend group that's coming. there was lots of work. dirty work. the kinda work that makes you really feel like blah and bleh and meh. today i was perfectly happy being preoccupied with the weather... thinking about all the things i love about rain and why. i have been wanting it to rain for about a week now. here in mexico it only rains in the winter and in the spring. but sometimes the weather teases a lot. making you believe it's going to pelt you with little happy whimsical drops that say {play in me. dance in me. think of all your childhood rain memories.} but then it gets sunny and perfectly beautiful and i get sad. but today was different. i knew {mr. storm} wouldn't let me down.


i always remember from a wee child on... mom letting us {seven} go out and play in the rain. but only in the warm rains, without any [lightening], and only the slightest hint of [thunder]. it was always the "big thing to do" on perfect rain stormy days. if it was a cold rain we would down over sized carhartt coats or dads big flannel jacket and roller blade in the garage or hang out in our tree fort or head to the sheep shed and play with kittens. {all depending on where ever we happened to be living at the time.} rain was always welcomed on hot, muggy, afternoons weeding the garden. it meant you could straighten our your crooked back, dump the last bucket of weeds, and put away your hoes. the next day the weeds would pull like butter. rain also meant the next day the creek would be high and the high ol' times that could be had.


as i thought about all the fond memories that i have when it comes to rain... i started thinking about the families we work with here at {genesis}. what does rain mean to them? rain means dirt floors turn into mud, soggy outdoor fires, leaky rotten or tarped roofs, wet, cold, sickness. far from my fond memories of lazy rainy days. living in mexico brings a different prospective on what i know.


you will be happy to know that mr. storm did in fact follow through with his plans for today. because at the end of the day as i drove home in the big blue missionary van the skies started leaking and i had mixed emotions as i thought and prayed for all the little boys and girls in the world who are in the rain tonight.


Nicole said...

i could cry i'm so proud of you and i love your writing.

you are amazing.


lowercase letters said...

oh wow, i love this!
i am SO {so, so, so} happy you stopped by my blog! you just don't know. :) your encouragement was sweet.

Unknown said...

I love the stories!!! you are such a great story teller!!!