Monday, October 31, 2011


hola mijas…  hope your weekend was absolutely beautiful.  mine was.  I got to experience for the first time a clothing giveaway in our {durango}.  over the past few months groups that have been visiting our ranch have brought loads and loads of beautiful clothes for the migrant families that we work with.  on friday night we loooooooo-aded up bags and bags of {la ropa} into our beautiful blue scooby-doo van in preparation for saturaday morning.  we arrived in {durango} around 8:50am and already there were about 50 mama’s and their niños already waiting for us.  in about 30 minutes our store was open for bid-ness.

I wish I had pictures to show you of my saturday but… the droves of people kept me quite busy and there was no time to snap photos. sad day.

and I had the awesome privilege to do it all with these {amigos bonitos}. 


it was quite a treat to have my dear friend {laura from san diego} with me again this weekend.  {big girl sleepover}  normally she’s with me almost every weekend due to the awesome fact that her {novio} lives here in mexico and works with me.  it had been a few weeks {100 to be exact}  NOT.  but it felt like it. 

{laura}:  she’s the kinda friend that is great at listening.  one that I don’t only feel comfortable crying to but--- she cries with me.  she’s the kinda friend that pays close attention to my wants and needs.  always bringing me little surprises.  and she’s never afraid to go on crazy adventures with me.  she’s grrrrrreat.


by the way…  happy halloween! this year I’m not dressing up in anything extravagant, not going on no candy walks, nor shouting [trick or treat], or any thing of that sort. now before you feel too sorry for me I must tell you that I have never celebrated halloween due to my family having convictions against it.  so I don’t really feel left out.  I don’t necessarily like all the scary stuff that goes along with this holiday but I do think it would be fun to go to a party where I could get all dressed up in a super awesome couple costume like this couple…

compliments of:

but I’d wanna do it with this super awesome hunk of a guy…

{stay tuned for mystery man to be revealed soon}


I celebrated in my own way.  by shampooing {yes you heard me right} the halloween scary, roight outta me hairs.  and boy did it feel gooood.  folks…  I do believe I’m on to something here.  I still believe normal shampoo is bad for your hair but…  the soda was also making my hair SUPER-duper dry and almost started building up in my hair.  I also didn’t have any good conditioner so my hair literally felt like good ‘ol iowa straw.  I’m still contemplating different ideas but for now I’m going to try only shampooing once a week.  I am in the process of searching for good organic shampoos on the internet.  {I’m totally open for suggestions}

bu-bye. bu-bye now bicarbonato de sodio puro.


I did my most favorite activity today.  {grocery shopping}  NOT.  I really never liked doing it in the states, only to come here and dislike it even more.  I don’t really know why but things are just so different and hard to switch over to buying mexican brands.  BUT… I pulled myself up by my boot straps and headed over the mountain/hill to do the dreadful thing.


as I came driving down the other side…  I was instantly glad that I had decided to shop today.  the ocean had a thick fog over it and the view was absolutely breath taking.


plus I once again had my little pantry stocked.  TOTES amazing.


I also got my laundry done.


IMG_1903        IMG_1906

tonight a slipped into my favorite {payless} slippers, grabbed my colorful bag that {laura} brought down as a surprise for me, and headed to a little coffee shop 2 minutes from mi casa.

IMG_1912       IMG_1914


IMG_1907  IMG_1908

it’s much darker now and the mexico night air is cool.  defiantly not iowa fall cool but nonetheless I think I’ll be headed home.  


get excited for tomorrows post.  it all has to do with performances and parties.  weee---


Bianca said...

hahaha love to see your life from another side!! lots of love -Bianca ahh check out my blog and follow if you like xooxo

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Love that last pic of you, BEAUTIFUL. :)

Oscar Ko said...

I love, LOVE your every word, reading your posts are the greatest blessings in my life, I love you!!!

Nicole said...

LOOVE the bag.
LOVE that you finally shampooed your hair. ;)
love your blog.
love the photo of you at the end.
love that i get to be your sissy.


Jessica Holly said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I'm glad you liked our costumes :)