Monday, October 17, 2011

my lounge around day



this is the epitome of lounging clothes. half pajamas half not.  <3

when you grow up in a family of nine+ crazies running around…  there’s never a complete, perfect, solitude, moment of silence.  let alone a whole entire day.  in order to {get away}, you would have to hide.  closets, tree fort, walk on the gravel road, cars, grandpas house, sheep shed, were all great spots for a moment of {personal getaway}.  not that you wanted it to be forever.  that would be downright boring.  it was kinda like a game. like {see how long it takes for a sibling to find you} sorta play.  as soon as the escapee was found the {aha’s, caught ya’s} and laughing would ensue.


mondays are my days off here in mexico.  I use to really hate them because it meant a whole day of {personal getaway} and that was a hard adjustment for me.  I was seriously lost, didn’t know what to do or think, couldn’t stay focused, felt lazy, and an entourage of other problems. 


today I reflected a lot on the quietness and how its ok to have days like this.  it’s a good time on reflection, nap taking, show watching, making little projects, nothingness, catching up on home church teachings, staying in your lounging clothes {all day}, and most of all {not feeling bad about it}.  because this is a season in my life that may only happen once.  its all about personal growth and choices on how I look at this adventure called life.  plus im probably the only one in the world who gets a day off that looks like this.


so here’s to mondays!  CHEERS! 


Nicole said...

seriously such a cute outfit. . . but WHATTHEWHAT?! is that MY dress?!

miss you.

lowercase letters said...

cute post! love that dress of nicole's. ;) fun fun! glad you had a relaxing day. you deserve it, i'm sure!
GIVEAWAYY at my place!
p.s. love the new blog look! very sylish.

tiff said...

nicole--- we have the same dress silly. ;) where's yours???

Oscar Ko said...

you make each day the best day worth living for ;)

Nicole said...

oh really? go fig. i'm getting old. lame-O memory of mine.