Friday, October 14, 2011

my day in a photo dump

woke up like this...

...and it kinda stuck with me the rest of the day. kinda.
got to tutor these adorable ninos.

this baby showed up with his older brother.
i got to amuse him with crayons and paper.
this is the stare he would give me when i would color an object and say it in my broken spanish.

poor kid. totally freaked. like who is this lady? isn't he a doll though?

this is the beautiful community called {durango}.
i love this place.
i love driving through, seeing and hearing shouts and waves.
sitting in the homes building and bonding, drinking
weak coffee, and munching on cookies bought specially for me.
watching the learning progress increase with every math quiz.
gives me chills.
this is exactly where i'm suppose to be.

after a good lunch of three quesadillas (con todo)- i headed to the ranch to pick up supplies for tomorrows work day.

i couldn't get over the clouds and the super blue sky today. hung out the window the whole drive home.

next saturday we are having a dental clinic and a carnival for some of the community families. a church group from the {estados unidos} is coming down for the weekend. it should be a high ol' time but that calls for some prep work {manana}.

thus... the many random scenic photos.

i got really- really homesick tonight.
thinkin about my favorite forever family in the whole-wide-world.

last years hunt for a christmas tree.

super thankful for my mexico family.

alex and amanda

wanting something fierce to see flat, green, nothingness. (not that iowa's green right now but it's a bunch of other awesome color shades.)

missing this little white house on the hill, with the grandpa house behind the garage, and the two lovlies on the porch.

in a short 62 days i'll be home. that feels sooo good to say. im gonna say it again.

"tiffany chmelar... you'll be HOME!"

good night loves!


lowercase letters said...

oh this is such a sweet post girlie! i loved ALL of the pictures! that house is so cute, i can see why you love it:) and not just because your family is there;)
stay strong and thanks for what you're doing in helping others in durango..

Unknown said...

love your love, you are the sweetest shining star of God! <3