Wednesday, October 12, 2011 and

this beautiful piece of machinery {as i like to call it} is my lovey kick around car. she's a bus, a tutoring supply van, and you name it... she probably is that too. i wanted to be sure everyBODY meets her because she plays a vital role in our lives here in mexico.

she's very special; don't take her up hills [you might not make it], she only unlocks from the passenger side [talk about weird stares], her windshield wipers are on the blink [i mean the b.b.blink], at times she wont start [secure], and a number of other delightful, no extra charge, problemOs.

i want to be sure you have all the angles you need to really get the full effect of the beaut.

you might not know... [probably not because i never told you] but i have an addiction to {pintrest}. its really bad. its almost become my new {google} (gasps) because of my {pintrest} love... myself and i have come up with a deal. as long as i allow {pintrest} to inspire me to make a change, sew a craft, organize, etc. a few times a month... i can keep my habit. so far i've been quite successful.

tonight's inspiration sewn/fabric thank you cards for my supporters!

because {pintrest} has been such an inspiration... i already have a christmas present made. i used scraps from the leftover fabrics to make my cards tonight. (haha... freakin thrifty too. thats 2 for 1. BOW-chica-WOWwow.)

one of these cards might be coming to a box near you!


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Cute cards! I love Pinterest, too [doesn't everyone who is a member?!!]. :)

lowercase letters said...

um please send me one of those cuties! ;)
and i think that bus has class. so there.

Nicole said...

whoooaaaa you rock.

i am so lucky to have you for my sister.

and ps i miss the missionary van. miss you more though.

Unknown said...

I love you, you are the most amazing!!!