Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The faces in my day

I have to be the most blessed girl in the world.  To have all these wide eyed, brown skinned, toothy grinned, ninos, love on me four days out of the week.  Really people I realize more and more everyday how blessed I really am.


I don’t always act as if I’m loved by a God that wants to know the deepest, most intimate, parts about me. Who wants an everyday, moment by moment relationship with me.


I choose to walk around defeated and discouraged when in reality I serve THE God who already overcame death and the grave.


A year ago, October thirteenth, I wrote a short entry in my journal that read…

[casting all my cares upon HIM for HE cares for Tiffany Joy Chmelar.]

Proceeding that sentence I listed out all my cares that I wished to throw at HIS feet.  Some things were small like having no winter clothes or eating healthier.  While other things felt big; paying off my two speeding tickets {ya. same cop. same week. same speed. as my brotherinlaw would say in his sing songy voice…  AWk-ward}, relational conflict in my family, or wrestling with the thought of moving to mexico.


As I look over the list I see little check marks and dates scribbled next to each item symbolizing those cares being cared for by not me but the ultimate problem solver.  and each one is like Jesus pleading {your cared for.  your loved.  look.  I did it a year ago.  I want to do it again and again everyday for the rest of your life.  so start casting your new list at me an watch me do what you can’t do.}


This journey, the last two years, has shown me more about the Fathers heart and His extravagant compassion, then I could have ever imagined. A journey that requires me to give more of myself every single day. A journey that took me from living in Iowa, to living in Baja Mexico. A journey of trying to find the funds for a week long mission trip, to a year commitment of serving and loving on orphans, widows and the {least of these}. The journey isn’t over yet. And so I keep learning and loving and hoping that each lesson will go a lil’ deeper.    


So that is what I will do and what I encourage each of you to do. Make a list. BIG things all the way down to the teeny-est most tiny-est thing you can think of. [maybe like… your going or you WENT shampoo-less a week ago. and you really really really want to just jump in the shower right now, and suds up your hair so much so, that the whole bathroom would turn into a bathtub of bubbles. but your too stubborn because you made a pact with yourself to stick with it for at least three weeks. so you feel sad.] <--- ya. I’ll be writing that one down on my list because well… that would be me. {blog post coming SOON}.  Start throwing off those burdens.

Thanks to all of you who show Jesus’ love by caring for me by helping with my fund raising, praying for me on a daily basis, sending me care packages, encouraging me through your words, and walking beside me {to all you who live on this side of the fence with me.}  I <3 you! 


Just two more photos of abuelita and perrito.  They like to show up to class every once in awhile.  I actually love it.  Grandma has a bad case of the {forgetfuls} and repeats herself a lot.  but I love it.  makes my day every time.


I’m off to pull some butternut squash out of the oven.  Hello fall.  {even though I’m having a hard time believing it with the incredibly warm temperatures.}  going through withdrawals.


Nicole said...

your blog rocks. and i wish i was eating butternut squash with you right now. oh and yeah. the stories from your journals made me laugh.

i miss you.

counting down days til christmas


Sarah Grace said...

Love you, Tiff!!!!! Super Cutie

Oscar Ko said...

God made the world big and round, you make my world go round and round :)

I love you!