Friday, September 9, 2011

"what did you learn from this?"

this is a simple little statement that my {dad} use to always says after one of the {seven} of us would make a mistake or mess up. he was always would help us out of our messes but he wanted to be sure we always learned something.

i remember one distinct time my sister {grace} spilled a whole glass of milk. maybe it was a whole gallon. but anyways who's counting. [and {grace-ee girl} looooooves milk]. as she looked up from the ground {dad} asked his famous question. and i don't exactly know why but the seven of us started laughing so hard im pretty sure we all split a gut.

today as i was making me some breakfast, [bagel under a layer of creamy, soft, rich, cream cheese] i spilled a whole bag of sugar out of my cupboard. and tonight i spilled m-n-m's. i couldnt help but laugh thinking about what my dad would have said. ahh... good times!

i am getting more and more excited about tutoring in {durango}. four times a week we will be helping two different groups of twenty-five plus ninos with homework, teaching new skills, and playing educational games. today we went into that {community} to scout out a few places we can turn into a school room for the day. we found one temporary spot. the ceiling is made of green leaves and brown branches. the floor is red dirt/dust. and there's no end to how many ninos we can fit into this creative space. {love} livin life here. so simple.

this sweet little girl and her three beautiful sisters kill me with those {BiG bRoWn} eyes... every dog-on time i see them. love the relationships that are growing.

that's all for today folks. sweet dreams!

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