Monday, September 12, 2011

::sunday adventures::

yesterday me and my adventure team {alex and laura} took a little road trip to visit two orphanages that came to {rancho genesis} the last few years. it was such a treat to go see where these precious little babies live and connect with them on a more intimate level.

{lily of the valley} is right in the middle of a city so there's lots of cement walls. it was neat to see how creative the kids are at making up games. i was helping catch flies at one point. <3

always an on going soccer game happening.

this little guy wanted my undivided attention the whole time. if i didn't give it to him he would hit me. he probably had some form of attachment disorder and needs prayer.

i melt whenever i see big brown eyes.

{la promesa} is an orphanage that use to be located in the city of {tijuana}. about three years ago the owner of the building that they were living in decided to sell without telling the orphanage. one day the new owners showed up with the police and literally kicked them out on the streets. through a series of miracles, God provided a old hotel for the orphanage to move into. so beautiful and a very happy place.

the boys enjoyed showing off their back flips into the indoor pool.

the family room was very cozy and inviting.

after a day full of lovely children, lots of laughter, and endless hugs and kisses, we asked ourselves why we don't do this every weekend.


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. I especially love the one with you and the little guy!!!

Bianca said...

Love yout blog tiffanyyyy <3 Check out mine :)