Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{awkward} and [awesome] tuesday

[awesome] talking to my brother two nights in a row. {awkward} the heat today that made me glow. ok. drrrrrrenched, in prespiration. [awesome] finding out that there's a street a few blocks up from my house called 'hamburguesa calle'.
[awesome] reaching the half way point on my baby blanket project. {awkward} feeling emotional over lots of {awkward} things. [awesome] watching a random basketball game in the little basketball court next to my house. {awkward} the best part of my day was listening to a free kids cd. out of a wendy's happy meal. [awesome] that Jesus is my sustenance.
[awesome] finding someone left the sprinkler on in the backyard after my run and jumping around crying and laughing praises to Him. {awkward} feeling the need to photograph this for my fan base.


Nicole said...

i am ze fan base and i wuv u

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Hey! I'm your fan base, too!!! I love your header -- sweetness.

And I love your pictures. You and your sister have SUCH a knack for awesome pics.