Wednesday, September 7, 2011

tutoring and crows

today felt somewhat lazy. we spent the day in the office brainstorming ideas for our upcoming tutoring sessions that we will hold in the little community of {durango}, organizing the tutoring boxes, looking at the month and year ahead of us, our own little {to do} lists, went to {kiss it} for lunch, (very interesting name for an italian restaurant i know) starting the process of building our very own {library on wheels} to take with us to the {durango}, and taking a quiz on what our animal personalities are. i happened to be a {crow}. a CROW?!? really people? me? a CROW? i was literally having a cow. but those tests always make me nervous. where in {tarnashin} do they come up with questions like "when are you most active?" well obviously not when im sleeping so... when im awake??? but then i realize that answers not on the test and i have to go with some lame answer like... [im active whenever a new situation comes around] that doesnt describe me AT all. *sigh* those quizzes are dumb anyway.

i am now headed out for my nightly run. <3


Nicole said...


luuuurrrvvvw your blog! did you take that photo?! incredibles.

thanks for posting. makes my day.

for reals.


tiff said...

i actually did take it. haha. thanks for loving it.