Thursday, September 22, 2011


... you have to just take a walk on the beach and write love notes to {him}.

i saw the ocean for the first time last april of 2010 and the {love of God} took on a whole new meaning for me. as i ran into the ocean, i was overwhelmed at the thought of how much {he} loves me. let alone the whole universe.

during summer camp, we always have a beach day with the ninos. it's so neat to see the excitement in their eyes as they stare at the waves, run up and down the shore gathering as many shells as their little hands can hold, or writing their names in the sand.

i started a little tradition after my many trips to the beach. i call them [love notes to Jesus]. when i go to the ocean i try to write messages to Jesus. telling {him} how much i love {him}. its one of the ways i love to love on {him}

instead of learning to worship {him} because {he} is good or sitting quietly to wait on {him}--- i find myself lately demanding answers from {him}. do you ever get in that frantic mode of wanting it NOW? what do you do to just love onto {Jesus}?


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Instead of praying for myself and my needs, sometimes I just praise HIM. Over and over again. I'll quote verses that tell us Who He is [Strong Tower, Deliverer, Fortress]. I love my Heavenly Father and all He's done for me!

Oscar Ko said...

I would sing worship songs and just give myself over in worship, it takes my eyes off of myself and gaze upon Him :)

p.s. love your love for Jesus, love the sand writing, love the photography! you are so amazing!!!