Monday, July 13, 2009

part 1

hey friends! so i just got back from Indiana last week. i went to a christian training center to get my CNA (certified nurses aid). here are the first round of pictures. enjoy!
Training center- home away from homeA beautiful old hotel
View from the 13th floor
View from my room on the 9th floor
My room- check

I quickly met my best friend
And its companion
Dinning room

The kitchen


LocaChica said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for posting :)

Living Out Loud said...

AHHH!!!!! first of all, it's so funny to look at the pictures and go to some of them...yep, seen that one....and that one.... that was just to a few of them though=D I will always remember the day the came to the mail box, when me and Grace looked at them. Oh and when we got your letter we got to sit on the swing and read it..... haha, ok, that bein' said=D Love love love love love the post! i love pictures.... I'm glad we got the internet working....! And I must say you look absolutely stunning in ALL the pictures my "deer" sister in-love. *laughs with big grin* Love ya Tiffer's!!!!!!!!! glad your back! The other Sister.....=D

Suzanna said...

Tiff!!!! I miss you! These pictures are absolutely amazing! Love you lots! :)