Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Hello" just to say... "see ya later"

hey friends!

wow... so much has happened in the last two months i don't know where to start. God has taken me down a path that i would never had imagined. i wish i could go into all of it now but because of limited time i won't.

tomorrow i will be embarking on an adventure to indiana where i will be taking a CNA coarse for a month. i would covet your prayers as it is a very intense program.

when i return i hope to fill you all in on some of the things God is doing and update you on my class!

thanks for your patience in my blogging absents. :)



the great excavation said...

Oh yes!!! I hope you have a good time in all of the times that aren't so good....ish...I guess=D Haha. But hay, Me, Mom, & Alyssa got plans for you my 'deer face'! Watch out=D Hah JK. I cannot wait to hear of all your many adventures.... We're gonna miss you!!! Especcially the week I'm there=D I love you a million times over! Love, ME

the great excavation said...

Oh shoot!!!! I forgot to put my name as.....

Love your 'sister in love'

Ok, I'm good now!

Love you!

Missing you already!

Nikki said...

Have a good time! Can't wait for a post when you get back!
I'll be praying!

Coffee Bean said...

I will miss you my chewy! Take luck and care....or something like that! =~) Love your chewy
P.S.-You are now forgiven for not posting!

Amanda said...

I miss you guys so BAD! It makes me almost cry to see your picutres! :)