Monday, July 13, 2009

Part 2-- the many faces

Suzy and Tori

our faithful 'water boy'

talkin with family
sweet tea lady
cna 'wanna be's'

The group
my favorite CanadianMrs. Norcross
Bethsada and Kristina
Hosanna, Zandra, becca C.
me and lil bit

me and zandra


The Nelson Family said...

Hey there, Miss Tiffany! It was great meeting you while you were here at the ITC! You were my little brothers' favorite. ;) The Lord bless you! ~Sara, the receptionist =)

Living Out Loud said...

The first and the sixth pictures are so awesome!!!! Love it! But I do love them all too=D I missed you a ton I must say! Okay, welll....I just found out I GOTTA RUN.... job's ya know...... *sigh* Jk. SEE YOU IN 24 HOURS!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH LOve You LOve mE