Monday, January 30, 2012

Dios es bueno

top of the afternoon to you, my beautiful friends.

the{seester} and i, just got back from a marathon trip through downtown ensenada.

after our fourth meal of tacos in three days, we headed towards main street, checked out a few lil' shops,

walked along the bay where all the fishing boats port, walked through the fish market, 

and then, after walking about five miles, we walked our skinny butts over to my favorite Mexican bakery, 

and walked home some donuts.

it's been so so so good to have nic with me these last few days.  she's such a source of encouragement.  

i thank Jesus for her.

::  ::  ::

we met a man last Friday, who found out he had lung cancer last November and spread so quickly through his body.  he has little time to live.  as i heard his story, saw the physical tumors on his head, and watched him labor over each breath, i couldn't help but want to scream out, asking God why.  why these families?  they have nothing but each other.  

lately i have not only felt the weight of pain, hurt, and brokenness, in my own heart and life, but in the lives of so many people around me.  God has brought so many people with cancer across our path here at Genesis. it's an incredible opportunity to show love.  i'm so excited  to be apart of these precious lives, even if its for a short time.

the thing that i heard over and over, the part that really left a huge impression on my mind and heart, was three words the family of this man kept saying...  

{Dios es bueno}  {Dios es bueno}  {Dios es bueno}

{yes Jesus...  you are so good.  thank you for showing me that everyday}

::  ::  ::

two of my favorite things to do here at Genesis is buying and distributing food baskets to the families.  nic and i got the chance to do a little shopping for this man and his family on Saturday.

me, trying to blend in with the bananas

oranges. (no duh , tiff)

super cutie sister, workin it

delish bake goods

::  ::  ::


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Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I'm thankful that there are people like you and your sister in the world doing wonderful things. Everyone contributes differently, and does things suited to their talent so it might seem like no big deal but it is a big deal, especially to those you help. Stay strong Tiff <3