Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!


the great excavation said...

Huh, no words....... -__-
I love cool whip!!! It's so good!
*does evil grin & laughs like a monkey* (how stupid is that?)
Oh, pweezey pweezey pweez don't cancel the Chme blog...... pweez??????????? it's not that horrible. We occasinally get good post's out of ya'll=D Like the one where ya'll got stranded! You could show Gracie how to do it. She could keep it running in...a...a...Chmelar a...a...sort..a...way... *makes weird face then smiles*
Well, gotta go re-build the neerest dairy queen. Oh, I have to build an ark too.... I'm tellin ya, weird things our mommy's make us do:-/ HEHE, ME

Olivia Coy said...'s really easy to picture my brother doing that. He's the one who always has a bowl of whipped cream and a little bit of pie to go with it. lol.