Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Valentine

Can you guess?!?!
My Dad! He's the absolute best Valentine!
(For now)
Love you Dad! Thanks for the great time!
--Sorry for the poor quality of pictures. We are so spoiled with Nicole's camera. And when she's gone... we're at a loss. (not only for that reason.)


~Tori~ said...

Oh! How sweet!

Nicole said...

I would HOPE you miss me for more than my camera.

Cuz I miss you BAD!

the great excavation said...

HUh, I'm sorry for laughing, but to watch you & Nicole go back & forth just cracks me up!!! I love your curls tiff! You are the cutest! Love you LOTS!!!! Miss you just as much!!!!!!!!!! Mickey

photozmom said...

Great Valentine!! Like you said( for now). What a special evening.You DO get very spoiled with a good camera. BUT just remember,it's STILL a picture :O)

Morgan Coy said...

that is SO SO sweet! I didn't even think about it being your dad! :D

daughterofvision said...

So sweet Tiff!!
Daddy's are the best!!
Love and miss you! chels