Thursday, February 5, 2009


... for days like these!

Hey all! just wanted to give you a little update on my life.

Work is going great. To those of you who don't know, i work at a small newspaper in Washington. I work in the accounting department doing the billing end of things. I have my own little desk and office space with a computer. Which makes me feel very important. ;) LOL! *(and yes i give MEMOS) We just finished month end, so now life goes back to normal around the office. We can have a little breathing room.

My cousin Anna, is staying with us til Monday so that's fun having her around. We always have crazy wonderful times.

On Friday night Nicole, Anna, and I are going over to watch 'Fireproof' with Kyle and his sister Krista. Our family watched it the other night and it's GREAT! I totally recommend it! But since Kyles cooped up were going to have a little party with him. Keep praying for continued healing for him.

Saturday i think I'll take a walk and soak up some of that sun and warm weather we're suppose to get!

That's a little look into my life... have a great weekend!

* FYI: You will only get this if your last name is CHMELAR!


Coffee Bean said...

Ok, mom says that August was a LONG time ago.....I agree, but I'm definitely looking forward to days like that, as long as Heidi and I don't bash heads again!!!!!!!! ;) Love from your chewy jewy!
P.S. I haven't seen any comments on my blog(I know I haven't blogged anything, and you probably haven't been online since last week!!!) C.J.

the great excavation said...

Ya I know=D But it's only....OK, It will be awhile before spring/summer=( Wa.

So thanks for the speedy gonzolas update! I cant wait to see you guys!!! WHenever that is! Soon, right? HINT HINT!!!!! Love ya lots & lots, Mik

My Bright Corner said...

Lucky you - 52 degrees today. Our warm weather is supposed to be here tomorrow. Enjoy! :)