Tuesday, May 22, 2012

it's high time i share...

that my camera broke two.5 months ago, thus the lack of posts {lame}

that i am back in the united states

all the last stories of my year in mexico

how amazing Jesus is and how much He cared for me over the last year

the sad times

the happy times

my lil' brother graduated from highs school

my massive shopping trip

all the crazy good deals

i turned the big twenty-3

i am teaching myself the ukulele i got for my birthday

i will be the worship leader for my sister and brother in laws youth group they lead next week

all the great and wonderful things that Jesus is doing

my great anticipations for what's going to happen this summer

::  ::  ::

but srsly...  thank you for not abandoning me

and still showing me support by your emails and comments

even though i have been silent.

i promise i'm back!

{mucho besitos}



josue said...

I love it!!!!!

Thee FireWife said...

So glad you're back. But one question: are you playing the ukulele as worship leader? Because that's awesome :)

Kerrie said...

I can't wait to hear all about your time in Mexico :)

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

So, so, so happy to have you "back"!!!!