Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

So my blog birthday was wayyyyy back in November and never got around to celebrating it! So... if you would help me do so by dropping me a comment and letting me know who you are and what your favorite post has been so far this last year... I'd be so happy!

(that goes for all you lurkers too)


My Bright Corner said...

I'm Rebecca. I don't exactly remember how I found your blog but, boy, am I EVER glad that I did!

My favorite post was "stillness" on 11/11. I LOVE the song that you ended with in that post!

Amos said...

You know who I am :)

And I guess that I really like the post "stillness" also (and all the picture posts are great) :D

Living Out Loud said...

Only one? haha. Probably The case of the missing eggs and the 'example' ones... I like them all though :) Happity birfday blog. :-D Luv ya Tic! *smiles* miss ya.