Thursday, March 4, 2010

{alive and well}

I know how worried you all have been about me seeing my absents but you will be happy to know I'm quite well. Here's a list of things that have been rocking my world since you hear from me last... [enjoy]

~car shopping
~jillian michaels 30 day body shred
~work, work, and more work...
~booking my ticket to mexico
~jewelry party
~getting organized
~purchasing my ipod touch
~meeting my sisters bf
~bus ministry
~caught up and beyond schedule to read my bible in a year
~feeding my face! (i love food!)
~big victories in my life!


Allison said...'s good to hear from you, again!!!'re doing a jewelry party? I'd love to hear about it (since I'm interested in that kind of stuff;)
By the way, I like the picture of you!
Love ya,
Allison B

Living Out Loud said...

Love your car :) It is shweet! I just want to ride in it now :) hehe. Thanks for the update! Sounds like you've been having tons of fun lately :) I love you sis in love.
M n M

LocaChica said...

Girl, what in the world are you doing those Jillian michaels workouts for??! You're already really thin!! I guess some people actually exercise to stay thin, too, and it is
That pic of you is adorable :) I've missed your posts!!

tiff said...

yes allison... the jewlery is called silpada. very very expensive but very very nice! i love it! you should look it up online. good stuff.

thanks mic... i need to put pics on fb! ;)

hey chica! ;) right now im not trying to loose weight at all. just want to be toned and in shape with a very healthy heart! ;)

Lauren said...

Cute blog! I like your list and that picture!