Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Iowa Hawkeye's

Ok... so some of you my not know this about me but... I'm a HUGE football fan! More specifically college football! And even most specifically Iowa Hawkeye football!

If you would allow me to just brag for a minute... thank you! :) The Hawks are 8-0 this season. If I understood the 'talk heads' correctly this is a first in big ten history! Some people may say it's sheer luck, others say they're just that good. I think I'll let them prove to you all what they are! :)

Last Saturday us kids went to Gamps and Grams house to watch the game. It was very intense to say the least... and it all came down to a score of 13-9 Michigan -- with 2 seconds to play -- Iowa's ball. Ricky Stanzi threw the old pig skin in for a touchdown winning 16-13! Lets just say our grandparents neighbors heard the shouts. eh... screams! :)

victory photo
game faces


LocaChica said...

Way to go girl!! Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love football too, I even play it :) I can keep up with the best of the guys at football..well, actually not really, just the best of my 9 bros..but, then again, I guess that's not saying much..hehe
Nice to see you back in the blog world Tif!

My Bright Corner said...

Oh...I have missed you SO much, blog friend. Thanks for the post!

{I even get to chat with Nicole every-once-in-a-while on gmail...makes my night!}

Tori said...

That looks so fun! That was a REALLY exciting game - we didn't get to watch it, though, because they didn't have the Big 10 network in North Dakota. But we were watching the Florida game and so we kept getting updates - very exciting!!

Living Out Loud said...

YOu guys crack me up! I will NEVER....ok I won't say never, but I won't forget your dad's reaction!!! Or your mom and I talking and Laughing because you were in so much detail and we just wanted to know how you knew all that...haha! I love the pics! Your a good blogger. :-) Love you bunches!!!!
Love, mE