Monday, January 19, 2009

Brief Over ViewI

I'm Back with pictures!  Yay me!  So we didn't end up going to the Amanas.  This weekend here in Iowa has been a cold one and we thought it might be more enjoyable to go when it warms up to 20 degrees instead of -20.  smile.

Ethan playing 'Guesstures' with our family last fall.  Ethan's going into the Marines and we went to his going away party last weekend.  "Congratulations Ethan!  Thanks for your service to our country!"

This is rare.  Catching a Chmelar and Mendenhall without a smile.

Another highlight of the weekend was the boys basket ball game.  It didn't turn out so hot but we're not going to talk about that.  LOL

On Friday night we got together with about 25 friends and played music and a loud game of spoons.  Very intense by the way!  Here are a few faces from the game.

And finally a picture of me getting my egg facial.  
Aunt Cindy and Grace


photozmom said...

You did GOOD, Tiff !!!! Keep it up !!!

daughterofvision said...

Wow! You up-dated.:) Thanks....

~Tori~ said...

Looks fun! We LOVE spoons! Sometimes it can get a little out of hand.... =)

the great excavation said...

THat was totally wicked man=D Haha. Just teasin'... THat was a lot of fun!!!Nice pics! I hope we get together really soon!!! I miss my 2nd fam!! Love always. Mickey